Crowfoot Wine & Spirits - Brew Meets Burger

  • Crowfoot Wine & Spirits 7422 Crowfoot Road Northwest Calgary, AB, T3G 3N7 Canada

Beer meets Burger’ will focus on 10 individual Calgary & Area craft beer products lined up against 5 mini-slider burgers created in-house by Chef Don Bosgra. Guests will have the opportunity to taste these brews alongside their burger partner to determine who takes the match-up in each round. Following dinner guests will have the opportunity to purchase any products at 15% off retail pricing.


We are pleased to partner with breweries larger & small, new & old, just so long as you brew craft!


Traditional Burger – 2 Beers

o   Blend of 70/30 beef/pork seasoned patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, mustard.

o   Topped with Cheddar & Bacon.

·         Hawaiian Burger – 2 Beers

o   Ground seasoned pork patty, grilled pineapple, sautéed cremini, Julien cabbage, peated aioli.

o   Topped with thin sliced, herb seasoned, spam.

·         Scallop Burger – 2 Beers

o   Jumbo Scallop sautéed with butter & Grand Marnier, yellow corn, grape tomato, lettuce, thick cut bacon.

o    Served with Spicy aioli.

·         Indian Curry Turkey Burger – 2 beers

o   An exotic twist on a non-conventional burger, exhibiting rich Indian spices of: Cilantro, ginger, curry & cumin.

o   Topped with Mango Chutney

·         Macaroon burger – 2 Beers

o   Doppelganger of the real thing. A macaroon crafted to look identical to a real burger & patty – Only sweeter!

o   Served with a Stout reduction.